About Us

We are a minority-owned digital services company focused on projects with social impact.

Our Story

Focus was founded in 2019 to bring together a diverse set of industry and government experiences, and best-in-class digital services capabilities in agile software development, human-centered design, and DevSecOps. Our projects span work that addresses equity, healthcare, benefits, and learning across government and commercial clients.

Core Values

Our values guide both how we work with our colleagues and how we view our partnerships.

Clarity and transparency

Our jobs involve taking complicated topics and working to remove the ambiguity; our clients rely on us to work and communicate honestly and efficiently.

Do the right thing

We always come prepared, researching and documenting before raising topics with our clients. We respect our clients' time by asking questions that get to the root of things faster.

Do what you say

Our reputation with our clients is critical to our success as a business and that reputation is built by consistently delivering on what we promise to do.

Exhibit a growth mindset

The industry is constantly evolving, and in order to stay relevant we constantly grow our skill sets to serve current and future clients.


Software Engineering

We bring deep expertise in full-stack web development using agile development processes. Our staff have successfully built and maintained high complexity applications serving millions of users.

Research & Design

We center our work on human-centered design and research to gain deep insights into user challenges and needs. We use user research and testing before and after feature launches to gain insights and make our work more valuable.

Data Engineering

Our teams have strong experience processing, transforming, integrating, and synthesizing large volumes of diverse data sets. We have a depth of experience working with healthcare data across government, insurers, and hospitals.

Product Management

Our product managers work with their design and research colleagues to understand customer needs, work with our stakeholders, and craft high value solutions. We make data-driven product decisions by defining and tracking success metrics within an agile development approach.

DevOps & Cloud Infrastructure

We develop and improve robust CI/CD processes that free up developers to focus on providing user value, accessibility, and privacy. We work across the cloud ecosystem (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud). We use infrastructure as code approach to consistently define our cloud resources with automated deploys.

Project & Program Management

Our project managers tie everything together by supporting our planning, stakeholder coordination, and delivery work. We use strong documentation and communication practices to work efficiently in an increasingly distributed world.

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Core Team

Meet our diverse team of technologists.


Ant Addis


Michael Kalish



Kevon Paynter

Product Manager

Tshering Yudon



Carl Hicks

Support Engineer

Eyuel Abebe

Software Engineer

Gabriel Dorsch

Software Engineer

Iverson Diles

Software Engineer

Jack Wang

Software Engineer

Jamie Albinson

Software Engineer

Japhet Teshale

Software Engineer

Kant Kodali

Software Engineer

Kolawole Balegun

Software Engineer

Logan Ricard

Software Engineer

Mike Liu

Software Engineer

Sid Hackney

Software Engineer

Thu Pham

Software Engineer


Bethlehem Mulugeta


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